Bank of America: New Branding

Bank of America rolled out its long-awaited new branding and marketing campaign with a new slogan: “Life’s better when we’re connected.” The new campaign is all about humility, shifting from Institutional to Human/Customer-Focused. At TPN, we needed to make it tangible inside the banking center and balance that with the selling of products. To foster more human connections, we created messaging using real consumer language that demonstrated the tangible customer benefits of products and services by highlighting relatable, contextual situations where Bank of America products help make life easier. The results beat historical baselines. 70% of customers found the communications appealing and most customers reacted positively.

The videos below are just two (out of many) customer-facing marketing videos created specifically for the launch of BofA’s new positioning. All of the videos were played across BofA’s digital communications network.

Role: Art Director and Creative Direction, TPN.

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